Earn $300 PNC.com/MyReward Virtual Wallet Offer Review


The PNCBank.com/MyReward promotion is offering a bonus of up to $300 when opening a new checking account.


In order to qualify for a PNC Virtual Wallet Checking Account, you must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the U.S.

How to sign up

Please visit pnc.com/myreward and follow the on-screen instructions or visit a PNC Bank in person and provide the promo code (example DM118) when signing up for a checking account.

PNC.com/MyReward $300 or $200 bonus?

  • The customers may earn a $300 reward if they open a new Virtual Wallet with Performance Select or Performance Select Checking account
  • They may earn a $200 reward if they open a new Virtual Wallet with Performance Spend or Performance Checking account
  • Credit card cash advance transfers, transfers from one account to another or deposits made at a branch or ATM do not qualify as qualifying direct deposits

In order to earn the $300 or $200 bonus the customer must establish a qualifying PNC direct deposit account and make 10 qualifying purchases with the PNC Bank Visa Debit Card linked to the new account.

PNC Virtual Wallet Review

  • No PNC charge for using any ATM; fees charged by other institutions are reimbursed
  • The Virtual Wallet provides a whopping $10,000 in ID Theft reimbursement coverage (that is unheard of in the checking account industry)

Any questions in regards to PNC.com/MyReward can be directed to a friendly customer service agent at 1-888-762-2265

PNC My Rewards Promotional Notes

  • Designed for new checking account customers only
  • You can only pick one bonus offer (i.e., the customer cannot obtain both the $300 and $200 bonus offer)
  • Exclusive check designs (get a picture of a cat!)
  • Earn higher than normal interest rates with a PNC Growth account (check the PNC Interest Rate Center for rates in any given area in the US)

Would you rather have a traditional PNC checking account and still earn 300 bucks?

Get PNC Performance Select Checking and earn $300. Apply Online or Email Me a Coupon.

PNC My Reward Offer Final Verdict

A big must if you have a PNC bank around your house due to the lucrative cash bonus.

Checking Account Offer Website

Don’t have a PNC Bank in your area?  Check out the $100 Bonus Kroger 123 Rewards Card.


What is virtual wallet PNC?

Virtual Wallet is comprised of 3 accounts working together: ... Your Reserve account is an interest-bearing checking account used for short term savings goals. ● Your Growth account is a savings account which earns interest and can be used for longer term savings goals.

Do you get a debit card with PNC Virtual Wallet?

A Debit Card will be issued when your Virtual Wallet is opened, or you may link your Virtual Wallet to an existing PNC Debit Card or University ID card (if available).

Is PNC Virtual Wallet good?

If you want to bank with PNC, the Virtual Wallet is a good choice of account. If you don't mind having separate checking and savings accounts, an online bank may be a better choice. You'll have a better chance of avoiding ATM fees and earn more interest on your savings.

Is PNC Virtual Wallet free?

PNC Virtual Wallet Fees OTHER WAYS TO AVOID MONTHLY FEE 0 in qualifying direct deposits OR account holder is 62 or over.

How long does it take to get 100 bonus from Bank of America?

Bank of America is offering a 0 bonus when you open a new eligible checking account and complete the following requirements: Receive two qualifying direct deposits of at least 0 each within 90 days.

What is the minimum balance for PNC checking account?

0 or more in total qualifying direct deposits per statement period. OR, 0 average monthly balance in Standard Checking. OR, Account owner is age 62 or older.

Does Bank of America have a sign up bonus?

Bank of America is offering a bonus of 0 when you open a new checking account and complete ONE the following requirements: Set up and receive qualifying direct deposits totalling ,000 or more within 90 days of account opening.

Does PNC charge ATM fees?

PNC, which has branches in 15 states and Washington, D.C., offers a checking account without a minimum balance requirement or monthly maintenance fee. ATM withdrawals are free at any of PNC's 6,000-plus ATMs, and the bank reimburses non-PNC ATM fees if you carry a ,000 average monthly balance.

What do I need to open a checking account at PNC?

What You Need to ApplyYour Social Security Number.Government issued photo ID - a driver's license, state-issued ID, or a military ID.A way to make your first deposit. ... A printer (for online applications submitted by new customers only) – you will need to print, sign, and mail in your signature card.

Does PNC have free checking?

PNC Bank Announces It Will End Free Checking Accounts. PNC Bank had been one of the few large banks that had a free checking account with no monthly service fees regardless of balance, direct deposit or use of tellers. ... 0 average monthly balance in this account. 0 in combined, qualifying monthly direct deposits.