Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check Instant Apps and Approval Websites


BNPL, also referred to as point-of-sale loans, allows consumers to purchase items online or in a store. But, instead of paying the full price up-front, they have the option of splitting up the cost over a few weeks or even months, with regular installment payments. These days, there are dozens of trusted Buy Now Pay Later providers out there, and the number is growing steadily.

The number of consumers is growing even faster: countless people around the globe use BNPL providers in their everyday lives. And while having a vast variety of BNPL providers is a good thing, sometimes, it gets really hard to navigate through all the options and find the provider that suits your needs. So in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best BNPL providers and see what they’re all about!

Top 6 Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps

1. Affirm

Best For Buying clothes, electronics, etc.
Annual Percentage Rate 0 % for Pay in 4; 10-30% for monthly loan
Purchase Limit Up to $17,500, depends on score
Credit Check No
Terms Pay in 4 (4 payments X 6 weeks); Monthly (1-48 months)

We’ll start our list of the 6 best BNPL apps with Affirm. It’s a good choice for those who aim at a long-term financing option with 0 percent APR (a rare thing among BNPL providers) and no late fees. Affirm provides POS loans ranging from 1 month to 4 years (48 months). And there is a limit on each loan – 17,500 dollars.

Now, do keep in mind that the interest rate on your loan depends on a few things, including the purchase amount, merchant, and the length of a payment term. So in the worst-case scenario, you could end up with a 30 percent APR. But, if you manage to secure a 0 percent loan, you won’t have to worry about any late fees. About 12,000 merchants around the world support Affirm.

  • No late fees involved
  • Zero percent APR
  • User-friendly and straightforward app
  • You won’t be bothered by credit bureaus
  • You could end up with an APR as high as 30 percent
  • Certain loans are reported to the credit bureaus

2. Afterpay

Best For Buying clothes, baby products, cosmetics
Annual Percentage Rate 0 %
Purchase Limit Start from $600
Credit Check No
Terms 6 weeks

Next, we have an Australia-based provider, Afterpay. The company was bought recently for 29 billion dollars by Square, a digital payment company co-founded by Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter). Technically speaking, Afterpay is not a BNPL provider, as it does not charge interest on the loans it provides. Still, many people consider Afterpay to be a BNPL provider, and so would we.

If you can make your payments in time and are looking for a short-time financing option with 0 percent interest, Afterpay is your choice. And one more thing: the loans will not affect your credit score – that’s one of the best features of Afterpay. As for the credit limits, that depends on whether the customer makes the payments on time and in full.

Also, a new user will probably have lower limits compared to someone who’s been an Afterpay user for a long time. In other words, only long-time users can go for larger amounts of funds. As of 2022, Afterpay has partnered with more than 100,000 merchants worldwide.

  • All credit options come at 0 percent interest
  • No credit checks whatsoever
  • Doesn’t affect your credit score
  • No reports to the credit bureaus
  • Each late installment payment will be charged a certain fee (8 dollars)
  • If you’re a new user, it’s unlikely you’ll get buy now pay later guaranteed approval for higher credit limit

3. ZIP

Best For Different Items
Annual Percentage Rate 0 %
Purchase Limit Up to $1,500
Credit Check No
Terms 6 weeks

An international buy now pay later no credit check instant approval no money down provider. ZIP, former Quadpay, is the right choice for users that like shopping and don’t want BNPL loans to affect their credit scores. ZIP doesn’t report your loans to the credit bureaus. On top of that, the company does not perform credit checks when it comes to the approval of a loan for a customer.

One of the best things about ZIP: it’s very easy to use. Customers are free to use the ZIP app, available on the company’s official website, or the ZIP browser extension and use the BNPL service even if the merchant is not integrated with ZIP. Each time customers use the app or the browser extension, they get a virtual, one-time card.

With that card, ZIP users can fund their purchases either online or pay for the items they buy in person. However, there is a major drawback. The thing is - you have to pay one dollar each time you make a payment and 4 dollars each time you make an order. As of this moment, ZIP has partnered with more than 51,000 merchants globally.

  • Zero percent rate
  • The company doesn’t perform credit checks
  • Credit bureaus don’t get any reports from ZIP
  • For each loan you make, you have to pay 4 dollars (1 dollar for each payment)
  • 7-dollar fee on each late installment payment
  • ZIP only provides a 6-week BNPL option – nothing long-term

4. ‘Pay in 4’ with PayPal

Best For Different Items
Annual Percentage Rate 0 %
Purchase Limit $30 min, $1,500 max
Credit Check No
Terms 6 weeks

Being one of the well-known worldwide financial systems, PayPal recently launched its BNPL service, Pay in 4. This service is the right choice for those who are looking for a short-term financing option with a zero percent rate, no reports to the credit bureaus, and no late fees. This service doesn’t perform credit checks, either.

With Pay in 4, consumers have to make 4 installment payments every two weeks over a period of six weeks. As for the limits, the maximum loan you can take is 1,500 dollars. So, if you’re planning on buying something expensive, this BNPL provider may not be the best choice for you.

  • No interest
  • No late fees
  • Rather wide coverage
  • The company doesn’t report to credit bureaus
  • Only supported in 44 American states
  • You cannot use Pay in 4 with non-connected merchants
  • Comes with a 1,500 dollar limit

5. Sezzle

Best For Different Items
Annual Percentage Rate 0 %
Purchase Limit $2,500 per order
Credit Check No
Terms 6 weeks

Are you looking for short-term loans and flexible payment dates with no interest, and no reporting to the credit bureaus? Then you’re going to like this Minneapolis-based BNPL service. They offer both short-term and long-term financing options. The short-term option is a six-week loan that allows Sezzle users to finance purchases up to 2,500 dollars.

As for the long-term option, aka Sezzle + Ally, it’s a 60-month (5-year) loan and it allows customers to finance purchases worth up to 40, 000 dollars. The only downside to this option is that you may end up paying interest, in case your card gets expired or if you have insufficient funds on your bank account/debit card.

As of this moment, there are about 40,000 merchants who have partnered with Sezzle. With that said, there aren’t that many well-known retailers among those merchants.

  • No reporting to the credit bureaus, so your credit score will not be affected
  • Short-term and long-term financing options
  • The list of popular merchants is rather scarce
  • Only one short-term credit option

6. Splitit

Best For Different Items
Annual Percentage Rate 0 %
Purchase Limit Similar to credit card limit
Credit Check No
Terms 3, 6, 12, or 24 month

Like ZIP, Splitit allows for in-person payments anywhere Visa and/or MasterCard are accepted.

  • No interest, no fees, no credit checks
  • Splitit won’t help or hurt your credit score
  • In-person payments
  • It takes up to three business days to pay out
  • Your own credit card limits affect the Splitit financing plan

10 Best Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check Instant Approval Web Sites

Now that we have learned about the 6 best BNPL apps, it’s time to move on to the 10 best BNPL websites.

1. Fingerhut


Fingerhut is rightfully considered to be one of the best BNPL websites today. It’s fast, convenient, and safe. All you have to do is open an account and create a profile. Keep in mind that Fingerhut reports to the credit bureaus. If you make your payments in time and in full, this will help your credit score. However, your credit score will get hurt if you don’t make the payments in time.

Also, if you don’t pay for purchases in time, the website will charge interest and late fees. With Fingerhut, you can buy anything from groceries and furniture to electronics, jewelry, and more. Although Fingerhut runs a credit check, there are no minimum credit score requirements.

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of goods you can buy with Fingerhut
  • Fingerhut reports to the credit bureaus
  • You will have to pay interest and fees if you fail to pay for your purchases in time

2. Flexshopper


Here, we have another popular BNBL website that can provide you with buy now pay later instant credit. The best thing about Flexshopper - it doesn’t care if you have a good credit history or not. That’s right: Flexshopper will not report to the credit bureaus as long as you keep paying for purchases in time. But if you fail to do so, credit bureaus will know about it and your credit score will get hurt.

The most popular categories on the website are consumer electronics, computers, TV sets, and gaming consoles.

  • You can use Flexshopper even if you have a bad credit score
  • No reporting to credit bureaus when you pay in time
  • Failed payments are reported to credit bureaus

3. Stoneberry


This BNPL website is very popular with electronics fans. Another good thing about Stoneberry is that it’s really easy to use. The website performs a soft credit check when you apply for the credit. And, just like the previous website, this one doesn’t report your monthly payments to credit bureaus as long as you meet your credit obligations.

That makes it a great option for people that are ready to make payments in time and don’t want any trouble with the bureaus.

  • If you love electronics, you are going to love Stoneberry.
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Runs a credit check
  • Reports to the credit bureaus when you fail to pay on time

4. QVC


An award-winning website, QVC is well-known for its convenience and good service. And that comes as no surprise, as QVC stands for ‘Quality Value Convenience’. As of today, QVC is one of the best video and e-commerce retailers in the world. They even have a TV channel and showcase all the stuff they sell 24/7.

QVC also accepts debit cards as payment options; the same goes for credit cards. Thus, QVC is not exactly a BNPL website. The retailer reports to the credit bureaus and runs credit checks.

  • Accepts debit and credit cards as payment options
  • World-leading retailer when it comes to video and e-commerce
  • The service is fantastic
  • Reports to the credit bureaus
  • QVC may perform a credit check

5. Zebit


This is another example of a good BNPL website. One of the best things about Zebit – there are no interests involved. On top of that, they don’t do a credit check on their customers. Well, to be absolutely clear, the company does run a soft credit check through a third-party provider. But the good news is that it won’t affect your credit score. Again, Zebit doesn’t report to the credit bureaus.

The company buys things on wholesale trades and then sells them to its members. And there are different categories of items available to the consumers: furniture, electronics, health and fitness, and much more.

  • Lots of items to choose from
  • Zero interest
  • No reporting to credit bureaus
  • Zebit runs a soft credit check

6. Gettington


Gettington is a fantastic BNPL website; unfortunately, it charges interest. You can choose from a vast variety of products like electronics, home décor, beauty products, and more. The application procedure is straightforward and takes a couple of minutes. In addition, there are free home delivery options available for customers.

The company performs a credit check, but they don’t care if your credit score is bad. The company does report to credit bureaus, though – keep that in mind. An interesting fact: Gettington and Fingerhut are both brands under the parent company, Bluestem Brands Inc.

  • A vast variety of products
  • Free delivery options
  • It doesn’t matter if your credit score is not good
  • Reporting to the credit bureaus
  • Interest rate

7. Seventh Avenue


Here we have another incredible BNPL provider that specializes in categories like health, furniture, home décor, beauty, etc. Seventh Avenue may perform a credit check, but even if your credit score is bad, you will be accepted regardless. With this website, you can finance some expensive purchases as well as items that cost less than 200 dollars.

To become a member of Seventh Avenue, you need to apply for the company’s personal store credit card. Seventh Avenue does not report to credit bureaus, so you won’t be able to build credit with this website.

  • You can qualify for Seventh Avenue even with a bad credit score
  • Does not report to the credit bureaus
  • Runs a credit check

8. HSN


Home Shopping Network is one of the best places for shopping on credit. The HSN BNPL program is known as Flexpay and allows you to buy any product you want and pay for it later, thanks to financing from HSN. The brand runs a credit check, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get approval if your credit score is bad. To know for sure whether or not you qualify, go to and create an account.

Also, HSN reports your account activity to credit bureaus.

  • Your credit score, even if it’s bad, will unlikely prevent you from getting approval with HSN
  • One of the largest companies on the market
  • Home Shopping Network reports your account activity to credit bureaus
  • The company runs a credit check

9. Leaseville


Leaseville has everything to satisfy your daily needs. Registration is straightforward - you won’t have any difficulties. However, to be eligible, your monthly income must be a minimum of 1,000 dollars, and you must not have any prepaid debit cards. For the full information regarding these rules, go to the Leaseville official website at

There is no reporting to credit bureaus with Leaseville; so, your loans will not affect your credit score. As for the credit check, the company will require your credit history, but they do not require a minimum FICO credit score.

  • Straightforward registration
  • Leaseville does not report to credit bureaus
  • They don’t care about your credit score
  • A minimum of 1,000 monthly income is required to qualify for Leaseville
  • Also, you can’t have prepaid debit cards

10. Country Door

Country Door

Alright, here is the last BNPL website on the list. If you are looking for home decor to make your place comfortable and luxurious, Country Door is at your service. You will need the company’s personal credit card if you want to use the Buy Now Pay Later option. And, like most BNPL providers, they perform a credit check. As for the credit score required to qualify, there is no information regarding this matter.

The company may or may not report your account activities to credit bureaus. So, late or missed payments may end up hurting your credit score.

  • A nice place to look for home decor and furniture
  • Fast, friendly, and easy to navigate
  • Country Door may report the credit bureaus
  • No specifications on the minimum credit score requirements

Does Buy Now Pay Later No Credit Check affect your credit score?

That depends on what BNPL apps or websites you use. Some BNPL providers report to credit bureaus and some don’t – always remember that. In this article, we listed BNPL providers of both types, so read it through and decide for yourself which provider suits you the best. Next, visit their official websites to learn more about their policy, mission, and what options they have to offer.

"Buy Now, Pay Later" sites versus financing with no credit check

Financing with no credit check means the BNPL provider is not going to run a credit check. So, if you have a bad credit history, you will still be able to finance your purchases with the BNPL provider. Now, even though some providers listed in this article perform a credit check, they don’t care if your credit score is bad. More importantly, there are no minimum credit score requirements with these BNPL providers. That’s what makes them so popular.


BNPL companies listed in this guide are among some of the best Buy Now Pay Later providers. They grant consumers flexible payment plans, offer a wide range of products you can choose from, and are very easy to operate. Although some providers run credit checks, they don’t care for your credit history. As for reporting to credit bureaus, that depends on the BNPL provider at hand. Every single company is slightly different.

Take that into consideration when dealing with these providers. The same goes for the interest rate, late fees, and other stuff – all of these things vary depending on the BNPL provider. Each provider has some advantages as well as disadvantages. We sure do hope that this guide will help you pick the right BNPL provider, one that suits you best and helps you with your purchases. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can BNPL providers be trusted?

Yes, they can be trusted. Let us look at the facts: BNPL providers listed in this article are used by thousands, even millions of people each day for their purchases. If these people trust these providers with their finances and purchases, so can you. Of course, you should be careful not to connect through a public Wi-Fi when using BNPL apps or BNPL websites to make purchases. Otherwise, your account and debit/credit card details will be compromised.

Also, use complex and long (10 and more symbols) passwords for your accounts.

Do BNPL providers report to credit bureaus?

Some of them do, some don’t. Reporting to credit bureaus is not necessarily a bad thing. If a certain BNPL provider does it and you meet your credit obligations, this will help your credit score. On the other hand, if you fail to pay for your purchases in time and in full and the BNPL provider reports to credit bureaus, it will definitely hurt your credit score. Make wise decisions when dealing with BNPL providers, think ahead, and you won’t be in trouble!