– Verify Card Information and Review. Updated January 2023


Customers will need to activate their before they can make a purchase. To activate the card you will need to verify the information on the front of your SYW card. Must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to obtain the Shop Your Way Mastercard.

How to Sign Up for Shop Your Way online account

This is quite a straightforward procedure and will take just a minute of your time. Even if you have minimal experience when it comes to creating accounts on various websites or social media outlets, it shouldn’t be hard to handle this process manually. Still, if you feel like you need assistance with signing into your SYW online account, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official website

  • Make sure you chose “Shop Your Way Mastercard” in the drop-down list in the lower section of the page

  • In the Card Number field, enter the card number of your card

  • After that, you’ll be asked to enter your name as it appears on your Mastercard, the security code, and the last 4 digits of your SSN

  • The system will also ask for your email address and the password

  • All you have to do is follow step-by-step instructions and be careful to submit the right information.

How to Login to Online Account

As with the signing up routine, there must be no difficulties for you if you know your way around creating and managing accounts on the Internet. That said, if you got zero experience, just follow our instructions to see the procedure through, and it’ll be over in a few minutes. Let’s get started:

  • Go to the official website
  • In the User ID field, enter the email address you submitted when creating the account
  • The same goes for the Password field. Submit the password you came up with when registering that account
  • Then, click on the blue “Sign On” button
  • If needed, check the Remember My User ID box
  • This way, you won’t have to submit your User ID each time you log into your account.

Shop Your Way Mastercard Verify

Here is what you will need in order to verify the card online:

  • Card number
  • Name as it appears on the card
  • Security card
  • Last 4 Digits of the Primary Cardholder’s SSN
Activate.SYW.AccountOnline Contact Information

  • 1-877-816-9063 24/7 ADDITIONAL PHONE NUMBERS
  • MasterCard Technical Assistance1-877-254-8073
  • TDD/TTY for the Hearing Impaired 1-877-816-8691
  • Outside the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico
  • Call Collect 502-522-1600
  • Shop Your Way General Inquiries P.O. Box 6282 Sioux Falls, SD 57117
  • PAYMENT ADDRESSES Shop Your Way Credit Card Payments P.O. Box 78024 Phoenix, AZ 85062-8024

If you’re under the gun and need to make a payment please consider overnight payments.

Need a Сredit Сard?

Shop Your Way Overnight Payment?

You can make an overnight payment by writing to “Shop Your Way Credit Card Overnight Delivery/Express Payments Attn: Consumer Payment Dept. 6716 Grade Lane Building 9, Suite 910 Louisville, KY 40213

More About This Card

A Shop Your Way Mastercard cardmember will earn 5% back on eligible gas station purchases and 3% back in points on eligible restaurant and grocery store purchases on the first combined purchases of $10,000 per the calendar year and then 1% thereafter.

Other Cards to Consider?

Bottom Line

The Shop Way MasterCard offers an exceptionally high 5-percent rewards rate on your gas purchases, making it one of the most rewarding gas card.

If you spend a ton of money on gas this is a decent card… if not there are better rewards credit cards.

Check out the Chase Freedom Rewards Credit Card.


How do I activate my Sears card online?

Activate Your Sears Card Online (Account holder's name as it appears on the card, birthdate, credit card number, and 3-digit security code.) All you'll need to do is enter the appropriate information and click submit. Activation will be over in a matter of seconds.

How do I activate my government travel card?

Activate your new travel card. If you have a government travel charge card, please make sure your new CitiBank card is activated. Go to or call CITI at 877-905-1861. As of May 6, 2021, CitiBank is the official Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) provider.

What is SYW Accountonline?

Cardholders of Sears Shop Your Way® credit card can now login their account by visiting, which is the official login portal of co-branded credit cards issued by Citi bank®.

How do I activate my Citibank credit card online?

Log in to Citibank Online® at with your User ID and Password.Select "Services/My profile".Click "Card activation" and select your card name for › english › online_services › card-activationGuide to Activate Your Credit/Debit/ATM Card Online - Citibank - › english › online_services › card-activation.