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WB redeem digital copy online

  • Digital copies of TV shows and movies can be redeemed
  • The code found on the insert can be used to start the process
  • An extensive list of frequently asked questions is provided
Currently, it is expected that buying a movie or TV show on Blu-ray or DVD should also include a FREE copy of the digital version (for those who do not need to raise their expectations a little!). Buyers who purchased a Warner Brothers movie or TV show (Hm, WEST WORLD!), Should not expect anything else. The process of redeeming a digital movie or TV show can be initiated by entering the code found on the insert that is attached to the purchase, before clicking the "Redeem" button. Customers who have a lot of questions and few answers may want to do themselves a great service and view the information found in the frequently asked questions section on the WB Redeem Digital page. WB Redeem Digital Redemption Code

Hard movies from Warner Brothers 

  • Justice League-Batman forms a League of vigilante heroes to prevent a new threat
  • Game Night-an action movie that is sure to make the audience " roll on the floor»
  • Ready Player One is a popular action movie based on Ernest Kline's bestseller (hold on tight!)
  • Rampage - old-school Nintendo fans are sure to bite (pun intended) in this wild, noisy game
  • Paddington 2-Continuation of the family hit brings useful fun to a new level!

After entering the code, customers will be redirected from the WB Redeem Digital page and to the Vudu or Movies Anywhere redemption page to complete the process. For more information about Vudu or Movies Anywhere, see the FAQ section on the WB Redeem Digital page. Those who have questions can try to get the help they need by clicking the help link at the top of the WB Redeem digital page (submit an online support form).