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VZW Digital Rebate Center

  • Write claim information through Verizon Wireless Ad Center. After that you get a valuable discount
  • To begin the process, customers must receive a promotional code that is provided at the time of purchase of any VZW product. So you will begin the process of returning the bonus.
  • Be sure to read the advertising details before sending, as any incorrect information may lead to a delay

VZW Digital Rebate Center wants the customer to provide their contact information, shipping or billing information, barcodes (UPCs) and Verizon Wireless order information. After that, the client has the opportunity to get a discount.

VW Promo Center also allows the client to download copies of VZW receipts and barcodes (UPCs) to complete the process (if necessary, not all bonus offers will require this).

VZW Digital Rebate Center Comments 

VZW Digital Rebate Center
  • The receipt should indicate the cost of Verizon Wireless equipment and the model purchased.
  • Confirmation of purchase can be confirmed using barcodes labeled UPC, MEID or IMEI.
  • Please wait until 24 hours for the bonus status to appear online.
  • Most discounts offered through the VZW Digital Bonus Center must be submitted within 30 days.
  • Only one discount can be applied at a time.
  • If the discount offer has expired, the client will not be able to receive the discount
  • VZW discounts can be submitted online or by US mail, BUT not by phone
  • Allow up to 4 weeks to process the discount (in many cases, the Verizon customer will receive their discount within 3 weeks)
  • As soon as the discount is granted, the customer will receive a confirmation email

About VZW

Verizon Wireless is the commercial designation for Cellco Partnership, the largest mobile phone subscriber in the United States. As of the second quarter of 2015, the company's subscriber base amounted to 135.4 million customers, and the coverage area was the largest in the US cellular market.

In 2014, Cellco Partnership brought 69% of Verizon Communications revenue.

The company provides mobile services of the third (3G — CDMA2000) and fourth (4G — LTE) generations. Together with partner companies, it has coverage of the territory where 98% of the US population lives (309 million people). Also sells mobile phones and modems.